Blogger Robert Alai has waded into new controversy after a court issued summons against him concerning a leaked witness statement in the murder case of KRA lawyer Jared Ratemo.

Equally summoned to shed light on how they gained access to information concerning a witness who is yet to testify in the case in which a doctor is charged with the murder are two other ardent Social Media fans.

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Doctor on trial alongside former MP in rape case now charged with murder of KRA lawyer Jared Ratemo Mokua

Back to Alai and co.

Justice James Wakiaga equally summoned one Josephine Chelagat who posted on Twitter and Facebook, respectively and one Social media user identified as Felix G-Cord who is alleged to have posted on Kahawa Tungu and Kenya Live News commentaries now deemed prejudicial to the case.

The judge was told the sources of information and the sharers had urinated on the authority and dignity of the court!And, that parties felt aggrieved.

In a blow by blow rendition, LSK lawyer Stephen Ongaro said such commentators “should not be allowed to belittle proceedings in court.”

LSK were enjoined in the proceedings as an Interested Party and has had beef with the conduct of the case.

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LSK now faults Tobiko in probe involving murder of KRA lawyer Jared Ratemo Mokua

The court heard the contents of a witness statement had been leaked to Social media yet no witness has been called to testify in the case.

Mokua’s widow

Ongaro said  the leaked statement “has been used against the witness, the late Mokua’s widow” in connection with LSK elections.

Alai, Jennifer and G-Cord have been summoned to explain the source and use of the offensive statement.

They are expected in court on  April 10 2018.