Former Imenti Central MP Gideon Mwiti has been charged afresh in a case he is accused of rape.

The prosecution amended the charge sheet to reflect  the grimmer details of the offence allegedly committed on on the night of March 21 2015 at Tana Club along Woodvale Groove Westlands, Nairobi county.

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He was charged alongside ‘Doctor’ David Muchiri who the prosecution said aided and abetted the former Mp to commit the offence of rape.

The first charge against Mwiti read that he unlawfully obtained consent  by force and caused penetration…

Unlawful injury

An alternative count stated he committed an incident with an adult contrary to section 11(6) of the Sexual Offences Act.

He is also accused of intimidation- that on the night of March 1 2015  at Tana Club along Woodvale  Groove intimidated MMI with intent  to ” cause her to do an act of sexual intercourse, which she is not legally bound to do and cause unlawful injury to her.”

Mwiti was alo charged with assaulting the complainant, MMI on the night of March 1 2015.

Muchiri who faces a separate trial for the murder, Click link to read our post on the murder case :/doctor-on-trial-alongside-former-mp-in-rape-case-now-charged-with-murder-of-kra-lawyer-jared-ratemo-mokua/ ,was charged with helping the former legislator common the offence of rape on the fateful night  of March 21 2017.

Prevent a felony

He was also charged with neglecting to prevent a felony.

The prosecution said that while he knew that Mwiti was  planning to rape MMI he failed to use all reasonable means to prevent to commission r completion of the said felony.”

They both denied the charges and their bond terms of Kshs 2 million were extended to the hearing dates on march 25 and 27 2018.

Dr John Khaminwa said he may raise another objection against the particulars in the charge sheet during the hearing.