Ruth Kamande, the beauty queen, shocked a packed court when she admitted stabbing her boyfriend to death in Buruburu Estate, Nairobi, in 2015.

While defending herself in the murder case, she told justice Jessie Lesiit that on the morning of September 20 2015, she fatally wounded Farid Mohammed with multiple knife stabs which police said 23 in number after he discovered that he was HIV positive.

Watch her confession video below:


She told the judge that they quarrelled over Farid’s status and that the deceased attacked her first and her later in self-defence.

“Farid told me that he would rather kill me and himself than his status to be exposed… I stabbed him several times using a kitchen knife and overpowered him by attempting to gouge out his eyes with my index and middle finger.”

Her lawyer Joyner Okonjo asked the court to set April 16 2018 for submissions.

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