Two men have been charged with travelling to a terrorist training playground!
Salama Salim Mohamed and Suleiman Hemed Mwandilo were charged with being found to have traveled to Somalia, a terrorist training designated country, outlawed as per  Kenya Gazette Notice NO. 200 of of  October 9 2017.
The two are alleged to have committed the offence on or before  March 7 2018 at Takaba in Mandera county.
Mohamed and Mwandilo were charged under section 30(c)(1) of the prevention of Terrorism Act 2012.
However, the section does not  state what penalty they may face if  found guilty.
Release the suspects 
They denied the charges .
Their lawyer David Ayuo, asked the court  to be release the suspects  on bond saying they will not jump bail.
They were granted a bond of KSh400,000 or a cash bail of KSh200,000
The case will be heard on  April 24 2018.