The  high  court has barred a Nairobi businessman’s estranged wife  from transferring co-owned multi million shillings worth of  properties after she threw him out of their matrimonial home in Karen.
 Margaret Karimi Mbaka, an executive Kenya -Dalbit Group of companies has been restrained  from either selling or transferring properties they jointly owned with Haron Michael Mwaura until the court irons out their dispute.
” I never once thought of myself as a battered husband, I had invested all emotions, time and wealth to Margaret, until   April 7 2018, when she came to our home accompanied  by  armed police officers and the OCS Karen Elijah Nyambane,” Mwaura states in court court papers.

Mwaura moved to court after he realised that Mbaka  had transferred their matrimonial home in Karen to one of their son their  without  his consent.

He  told the court  that he his estranged wife has also been fraudulently scheming to throw him out of  as director of Supa Soko Bargain Stores and  Naivasha Peppercon Holiday Resort which they jointly own.
Outside the country

He told the  court that, they  have been living together  for more than 20 years, in  which they have  invested and  jointly acquired properties that include land and shares in several companies.

” I  have  properties spread outside the  country some them are  in Mauritius and  Cyprus which needs the protection of the court, ” he said.

 The  pointed  out that there is a complete  breakdown in  communication  between them.

Mbaka is accused of   secretly, maliciously, and fraudulently transferring titles and ownership of their property without consent.

Mwaura  has said  the action by  the respondent is a well crafted move meant  to  take away “all what I have  invested and acquired in the cause  of my   business.”

Irretrievably broken down
The  marriage has  irretrievably broken down and can not be reconciled practically dead and  buried while   our business empire is jointly owned.
 The  matter is coming up  for inter parties hearing   May 4 2018.
 Mwaura said that he  his apprehensive that if the  court  does not  intervene,  the estranged wife will go on and transfer the properties to third parties.

He said that on the  April  7 2018 Mbaka caused the OCS Karen, Elijah Nyambane  to descend on their matrimonial home and forcefully evicted him from the home.

“I was roughed up, handcuffed and put under house arrest at gunpoint, some of my valuables including academic papers and clothes were burnt up,” Mwaura says in court documents.

He says he was bundled out of his home and dropped off far away and warned never to return or be seen near the homestead by the malicious OCS.