PATRICK Gachie Gatuma stood in court stoically as a court clerk read out the charge.

The court clerk told him he is charged with gaining unauthorised access to protected systems contrary to  Section 84F of the Kenya Information and Communication Act No.1 of 2009.

We heard that between April 24 2018 and April 30 2018 at an unknown place within Kenya he unlawfully and with intent to defraud accessed Safaricom App using a laptop and  and a mobile phone make Infinix Hot with Safaricom subscriber number 0725013663 which surged the Safaricom systems with 24,258,730 queries which was not normal based on the historical data in contravention of the provision of the said Act.

What Gachie was allegedly doing was to extract data from Safaricom..

He was trying to retrieve information from Safaricom data bases…

What was his motive?

A police report indicates that on April 24 2018, there was an escalation of  high number of name search requests amounting to over 2 million.

“On April 25 2018 he had placed over 5 million requests together with April 26 and 27 2018, thus on April 30 2018, the total number of queries had  hit 24,258,730,” the report states.

The only authorised queries per day per person are only 5, “thus the stated queries were inappropriate” and amounted to hacking, henc the court appearance.

On May 2 2018 the suspect was traced to Kenya Railways offices, Nairobi and his national ID and phone confiscated.

He led police to his rented house in Kwa Chief area within Kahawa West where a laptop was also taken.

Police say the bulky logs cannot be printed but will be made available by the time he turns up for trial and will be displayed electronically by Safaricom experts.

Who was he working for, what was his motive? We ask.

Bond terms were set at Ksh500k or a cash bail of Ksh300k.

Hearing is on July 2 208 at the City court.