CHANIA Jacqueline Watts shied away from press photographers as best as she knew…not until our snoops nailed the images below.

She has been charged with being found in possession of ammunition without a firearm certificate.

According to the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit(ATPU) the woman was arrested on May 27 2018 at Syokimau Standard Gauge Railway terminus screening point and 14  bullets found in a beige travel bag.

The 375 H&H caliber ammo were concealed inside the travel bag, police say.

Travelling to Mariakani

Prosecution witnesses are John Muchere and Sgt Eva Mwangi.

The hearing has been slotted for  July 4 2018.

Suspect was released on cash bail of Ksh100K or a bond of Ksh200K.

A covering report seen by states that the incident occurred at around 7.15 am at the Nairobi terminus.

“Facts of the case are that the accused person, a Kenyan ID No.30768584 was travelling to Mariakani whereby she was supposed to board the inter-county train…” the police report filed in court reads.

Belonged to one Jesse

That while one of her bags was being screened, it was found to contain the live ammo in question, in the inside of the bag pocket where there were also assorted clothes.

After arrest she opened up and disclosed that “she is not a licensed firearms holder.”

“The accused further informed the panel that contraband belonged  to one Jesse and that she forgot to remove the bullets from her back which she had kept for Jesse who was away in Nairobi because they work together at Offbeat Mara camp in Narok county as managers.

A mention has been set for June 11 2018.

Chania was brought up in Kenya and has always had a love for the bush. She is a member of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association as well as completing a guiding course in South Africa. Chania previously spent time in the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania managing a camp, but is happy to be back working in the Mara.  From a young age Chania has been passionate about birds and her binoculars and bird lists are never far away, according to their website.

She was represented by lawyer Sam Nyaberi.