“Her action was motivated by malice…” a judge said and convicted the prison beauty queen, Ruth Kamande, for the 2015 slaying of her lover whom she stabbed 23 times!

Justice Jessie Lessit said Kamande admitted having stabbed the deceased and although he feigned not knowing the actual number of times she stabbed him the evidence in court showed the late Farid Mohammed was stabbed multiple times and that “it was clear it was not done at one go but at intervals.”

Sitting on her

Her account of self defence, the judge ruled, fell by the wayside.

Click the link below to read Kamande’s line of defence already rejected by the trial court.

Kenya prison beauty queen Ruth Kamande’s sweet defence in 2015 murder case

“The accused discovered some old love letters which he was still keeping and had demanded to know the reason for keeping them but when she confronted him he instead went to sleep,” the judge said referring to the events preceding the day of the  murder.

The judge said Kamande had told the court that she was assaulted physically and sexually and that the deceased was armed with a knife which he used to attack her.

This account the judge said was her own evidence as no one else was inside the house…and further whether the deceased was armed or not would not be corroborated.

“She said she stabbed him while in lying position and that the deceased was sitting on her,” the judge said but went on to add that this account cannot be tru owed to the multiple stab wounds on the deceased’s body.

The stab wounds were found on the chest, upper torso, back of the head, heels, the trial court was told.

Self defence

Judge Lessit said it would be impossible to stab “in all these areas in a lying position.”

The judge further said that Kamande’s defence that she had been attacked and sexaully violated again fell by the wayside as a Dr Munya who examined her to access the level of injuries  neither found fractures nor internal injuries.

“Self defence is not available…” the judge remarked.

Crime and Punishment: Killer Ruth Kamande with her lawyer Joyner Okonjo after judgement on May 31 2018

She said Kamande’s action was motivated by malice and went ahead to convict her for murder.

The court heard that although crime scene photographs were destroyed, witness said there was blood on the walls and the floors from the bedroom to the sitting area were blood stained.

Prosecutor Evelyne Onunga conducted the case.

Kamande returns to court  on July 11 2018 for mitigation and sentencing.