Police have sought the further detention of three racketeers involved in the smuggling of  raw sugar from Brazil which is marked unfit for human consumption.

Dahir Ahmed Hassan, Mohammed Dahir Ahmed and Ahmed Sheikh Mohammed were found in possession of the contraband valued at roughly Ksh17 million.

“The investigations were brought about by intelligence reports that they were packaging the sugar,” CPL Moses Gituathi told a court.

He said the arrest were made in Nairobi’s Eastleigh Section III.

“The respondents were found repackaging 1,474 bags of Brazilian raw sugar indicated unfit for direct human consumption into various local sugar company packaging bags,” the detective said.

Kabras brand has gained particular interest in the investigation.

“The recovered sugar is suspected to be extremely  harmful to human health,” Gituathi said.

He said the investigations are being carried out by Multi-agency team including KRA, Kebs, Anti-counterfeit agency, the Government chemist… all who require time to conduct sampling and analysis of the unfit for human use sugar found in possession of the racketeers.
“Considering the fact that the respondents  are suspected to have supplied foodstuff unfit for human  consumption, it is necessary to carryout investigations  to the markets supplied all over the country,” the detective told court.

It is suspected import documents were forged and that local sugar companies all over the country  whose packaging bags were found at the hideout maybe privy to the find.

The suspects may also have fake identification documents and a search needs to be done at the National Registration Bureau, the offer said.

Police also recovered contraband cooking oil at the same warehouse where over 2,000 bags of the illegal sugar  was found.

Police sources say the sugar was to be transported to  Mumias and Kabras sugar factories for refining but ended up in the hands of unscrupulous traders who have been selling it to unsuspecting members of the public.

“As you can see the sugar is branded not fit for direct human consumption but these traders have been repackaging it before selling the sugar to unsuspecting members of the public and shops around here,”  Musa Yego head of police flying squad told reporters at the scene.

He said that the police also impounded cans of cooking oil, also not fit for consumption.