The Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) lawyer was among suspected fraudsters arrested for conning a foreign investor of a whooping Ksh23 million by false pretences.

Police arrested Rumili for obtaining money alongside Phillip Nashon Aroko and Roy Shirekuli.

Investigators had brought them to the Milimani law courts for plea taking but “the file was recalled by the ODPP for perusal and advice.”

Wild goose chase

The con game is said to have started in Nairobi before the target was led on a wild goose chase to Dubai where his alledged consignment of gold was to be delivered.

A charge drafted against the trio read that  on diverse dates between may 15  2017 and June 9 2017 at different places  within Nairobi county, jointly with  others not before  court, with intent to defraud obtained from Samir Entorno cash USD232,000, equivalent to Ksh23 million.

They pretended that they were in a position to  sell to him 8 kilograms of gold, police say.

Police say the lawyer may have been used as a conduit.