Two police officers linked to the murder of Janet Waiyaki at Nairobi’s City Park have been  charged with murder.

They looked on, pensively at the court clerk who read the charge sheet and at times tried to avoid media cameras, but with little or no remorse atall in their steely eyes.

Constables William Chirchir(AP) and Godfrey Kirui(regular) were with three others on the morning of May 21 2018 , when they came across  businesswoman and a lover inside a parked car at the park, but they were the only ones who opened fire on the pretext that the tinted car was driven off after they approached it.

Motive to kill

They fired a total of  15 bullets from their AK47 rifles, a clear motive to kill.

Waiyaki died on the spot while her lover,Bernard Chege was injured and has been recuperating in hospital till last Thursday when he was discharged.

All the officers and Janet’s husband George Kirumbi recorded statements at Gigiri police station.

A  police mouth piece hellbent on downplaying the case is reported to have said the officers shot at the car “because out of suspicion as it remained parked in a thicket for too long” and that they were on high alert following intelligence reports that there would be terror attack in a nearby premise during the Ramadhan.

Waiyaki was buried at her home in Murang’a county on May 31 2018.

Fateful Sunday morning

The suspects have denied that they jointly murdered Waiyaki at around 10.30am on the fateful Sunday morning.

They will be held for five days till June 19 2018 when a hearing on their bail terms gets underway.

“The accused having taken their plea are remanded at Industrial Area,” justice James Wakiaga ruled.

Their lawyer Ham Lagat wanted them detained at the Gigiri police station where they reside.

The court heard that the police officers have already taken mental tests and have been declared fit to stand trial.

State counsel Catherine Mwaniki said bail will be opposed and the prosecution will be tabling grounds in an affidavit to be filed by the investigating officer.

Justice Wakiaga has directed that a pre-bail; report be tabled in the next session.

Politician came out

Days after  the deceased was laid to rest, a politician  come out claiming she was his lover.

Speaking to The Nairobian, Edward Waithaka Wakaba alias Wawa who vied and lost Dagoretti South Parliamentary seat during last year’s polls claims he dated Wangui for over a year.

He claims during their affair, the late Wangui was still married to her husband, popular businessman George Kirubi.

Kirubu himself has openly admitted having known of a love affair between Chege and his wife but has categorically denied having a hand in the murder.