By Guest Writer
A HOUSEMAID is seeking Ksh350 K from Tana River governor Hussein  Dado and his wife for  unlawful termination of  employment.
The  claimant, Cathorine Moraa Omwansa, says that the  couple failed to pay her terminal dues upon sacking her on October 2012.
 She was employed by the  respondents in 2009 on a salary of KSh 4,000 a month, which  according to her  was below what  she could have been paid.
Twelve months salary
Omwansa has submitted to the court that  both parties were in agreement that upon termination of her employment, the couple were to pay her 12 months salary, which never happened.
The  claimant while giving her evidence before trial judge  Justice Onesmus Makau, said the  governor and his  wife violated her  rights to earn good salary as requirement by the  labour laws.
 While being led  by her  lawyer  Jason Okemwa, she told the judge  that she never received  one month notice salary of Sh 10, 656.25, annual leave for  three years Sh 25,820,90, severance pay  for   three years Sh 16,037.80 and  12 months salary compensation for  Sh 10,656,25 per year.
Unlawful termination
The lawyer told court that the claimant’s case  was filed in October 2013, after the  respondents declined to meet her  demands for  unlawful termination.
The  governor in his defence statement, says that  the claimant was employed as house help and he was the one paying her salary.
He  says that indeed  he and his wife did interview the   claimant and found that she was  fit to carry out her job as house help.
Matter has taken long
The governor  says contrary to what the claimant  has submitted to the court, she was paid KSh8,900 per month, he however did not  turn up to court verify the  figures upon cross examination by the  applicant’s lawyer.
Justice Makau said the governor  and his wife were expected to attend court, but failed do so, saying that the matter has taken long to be determined.
 He  directed that the matter  be mentioned on September 18 2018 to take a judgement date.