The prosecution has closed its case against murder suspect Fredrick Nthiga Mwaniki who was involved in the sensational  road rage fatal shooting of a city motorist on June 27 2014.

A ballistics expert said the four cartridges police brought to the lab for examination were fired from the gun which was licensed to the suspect.

Nthiga has denied a charge of murder arising out of an incident that occurred around midnight along Naivasha Rd.

He was armed with a  high velocity pistol, a Slovackian K100 GrandPower, on the fateful night.

Test fired the weapon

The ballistics expert Alex Mwandawiro told the trial court that the four bullet cartridges he examined, which were collected from the scene of crime, were emitted from the suspect’s gun.

“The pistol was good in its general and mechanical condition…” Mwandawiro said.

He said he test fired the weapon and used three bullets picked at random from one of the two magazines police seized from the suspect.

“When I compared the four cartridge cases, I established they had been fired from one gun,” the witness said.

He said he found that the markings on the exhibits were also repetitive in the test cartridge cases that he found on the exhibits.

The case resumes on September 25 2018.

Almost hit our vehicle

An eyewitness  recounted how on the fateful night he was in company of his cousin, now deceased, thanks to  blazing gunfire from a city motorist who pleads innocence.

Francis Abuchiri who was in the company of his cousin has told the trial court how Muchiri, probably driving under the effect of intoxication “almost hit our vehicle but the deceased swerved and sped off towards Kawangware.”

The deceased, Francis Ambundo and his brother Boaz Ambundo had themselves been taking drinks at Dagorreti Corner.

“The other vehicle came speeding and overtook our car blocking the road but he swerved and parked both cars on the road side and started arguing,” the witness said.

Went to the occupant

The two brothers went to the occupant of the other vehicle and confronted him asking why he was blocking the road, the argument ensued and all over sudden I heard gunshots and both my cousins fell down…

“The occupant of the other vehicle came t where we had parked the car and challenged me to get out of the vehicle and he ordered me to lie down which I did,” the witness said.

He called an ambulance but it did not come, the witness said, adding the suspect then called the police who came and ordered him to drive the wounded men to Melchizedek Hospital where they were not attended and were told to go to Kenyatta National Hospital(KNH).

The prosecution and the defence are to file written submissions with a bit of oral highlighting before Nthiga’s fate is sealed.