JAMES Njonjo Mue has been charged  with offensive conduct!

The prosecution says on May 10 2018 at Harambee House along Harambee Avenue, Nairobi, he used threatening behaviour by throwing a wooden box containing coins of Kenyan currency amounting to Ksh850 while driving his M/V Reg.No. KBS 175H Toyota RAV4 with intent to provoke a breach of peace.

Insiders told Justicenow.co.ke that Njonjo was protesting runaway corruption in the country.

He is also charged with  flying National flags on his car “without authority from the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.

The act is outlawed under  Section 4A(1) as read with Section 4A(3) of the National  Flag, emblems and Names Act.

He has been released on a personal bond of Ksh200,000 pending hearing on July 26 2018.

His lawyers Julie Soweto and Harun Ndubi told court that police have dispossessed Njonjo of his car and impounded it for “unreasonably.”

Jumping bail

Njonjo is a senior programmes officer with Kenyans for Peace, Truth and Justice(KPTJ).

The defence lawyers said he is unlikely to abscond as he is an officer of the court and knows he is duty bound to attend his trial apart from the attendant penalties for jumping bail.

They asked the court to compel the police to release Njonjo’s car which it did with a rider that it be photographed.

“There is no good reason atall to hold the vehicle which is his only means of transport he uses for his young family,” Soweto submitted.

A magistrate concurred and ruled that the MV be released forthwith.

“I  have considered the application for the release of the motor vehicle held by police unreasonably, the motor vehicle is not the subject of the charges in court and the right to property should not be deprived,” principal magistrate Kennedy Cheruyoit said.