An intelligence officer has linked EACC’s Halake Wako to illegal NYS proceeds in a sensational affidavit filed at the high court.

That while carrying out his duties, he came across sensitive information linking(Wako) to NYS scandal of 2015/2016, in which he(Wako) played a major  role in bringing the case to a premature end.

Public land

Adan Moro Guracha who has sued EACC and Wako for unlawful termination of employment and is seeking compensation and reinstatement  his job required that he collects Economic Crime Intelligence and analyse for further action.

“That on several occasions the Claimant was summoned and threatened  by the 2nd Respondent(Wako) over cases in which he had direct vested interests,” the affidavit reads.

He says that in teh course of durty EACC, Internal Intelligence probe/LIfe style audit revealed Wako invested illegal proceeds of nYS 2015/2016 scandal to the tune of Ksh300 million in six storey buildings in Isiolo town,  built on public land…he was directed not to continue.

The affidavit further states that the Claimant investigated  a fraudulent compensation of the Lamu Coal fire power generation project in 2017, but when he tabled information linking certain individuals  by a company name Dido and Sons Ltd to the fraud, Wako who he alleges receives benefit form teh said company  “intimidated and threatened the claimant to stop his assignment…”

Sensitive information

He goes on to list other assignments in which he has had run-in with Wako leading to his ultimate sacking for being absent from duty although he maintains he was on leave.

“The claimant has   challenged the respondents to avail leave form record from the time  he joined employment to the time of purported dismissal but they have refused to do so,” the affidavit reads.

He says before he was sacked he was never given any “show cause why” session before a tribunal.

Adan says he is seeking compensatory damages for unlawful termination being 12 months salary amounting to Ksh2,172,000.

he has also requested that when the matter comes for hearing it be conducted in camera die to the sensitive information that he will divulge.