A staff of  the mobile phone service provider, Safaricom, has been charged with stealing Ksh3,745,000 from his employer.

We don’t know whether this is a mere tip of the iceberg, but the prosecution says  Kimathi siphoned the money on diverse dates between June 20 and 24 2018.

An affidavit filed in court states that the circumstances under which the theft occurred “is that  the said suspect who had  limited access to the Paybill system of Safaricom unfroze an account that had been frozen by another staff on suspicion of Paybill fraud.”

“After unfreezing the said paybill account, it became active allowing the other end users who are suspects to transact and steal Ksh3,745,000,” the affidavit sworn by the case investigating officer, Isack Tenai and filed at the Milimani law courts  reads.

Complete investigations

The affidavit further reads that the said suspect did not attach a notice to the paybill account in question indicating the reasons  as to why he had unfrozen the same “which is a requirement by Safaricom.”

“After carrying out an internal investigation it was established that  he made several suspicious log-ins using his IP address,” Tenai sates in the affidavit.

Kimathi was arrested on June 28 2018 and investigations are yet to be finalised. His suspected accomplices are yet to be arrested, a trial court was told.

The court was told that Kimathi being an IT expert may hack into Safaricom systems and interfere with investigations.

It was thus agreed that he be detained for 5 days to enable the investigating officer complete investigations.

Hack the system

He has been detained at the Kilimani police station.

The court heard that Kimathi has since been relieved from his duties but there are apprehensions that he may hack the systems from any location and interfere with investigations.

“The release of the suspect at this time may compromise on going investigations,” senior principal magistrate Kennedy Cheruyoit ruled.

Witnesses are David Mwaliga and Cpl Kiproto, others are to be stated later.

The suspect has pleaded “not guilty.”

Meanwhile, in the same court Geoffrey andanje Alalo was charged with stealing  scratch cards valed at Khs5000 issued the principal administrative secretary at harambee annex in nairobi.

The offence was committed on may 17 2018 on Wambora’s office.

Alalo pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing.