A Kenyan woman arrested for stealing  Ksh140 million from a CIT van in Dubai maybe detained for 14 days before being extradited to the foreign land for prosecution.

Rebbeca Mueni Musau, a court in Nairobi was told, was arrested in Namanga boarder trying to cross to Tanzania and later led detectives to her house in Kamulu Kangundo Rd where a total of Ksh13,130,000 was recovered.

Police said they received a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Mueni together with others not before court left Dubai on March 4 2018 with stolen money amounting to AED5 million(Ksh140M).

“The DCI launched investigations immediately and informed the director of Immigration services on May 15 2018 to place the mentioned suspects on movement control an on July 3 2018 Mueni was arrested,” an affidavit sworn by CPL Emmanuel Ngetich who is investigating case reads.

Loot has been used

According to the police Mueni and her accomplices stole the money from a company named Transguard Cash on Transit vehicle destined for refilling an ATM at Dierra City Mall in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

“The investigations are currently underway both in Kenya and the United Arab Emirates with the aim of making further recoveries and arrests,” the affidavit read in court states.

The court was told the investigation into “this weighty matter requires ample time so as to visit areas of interest which the suspect might have hidde some other monies including bank accounts.

Police wanted the suspect detained for 14 days.

Two other suspects wanted in Dubai over the Ksh.140 million heist are said to have escaped the police dragnet.

Police say the three Kenyans  were part of six guards of the  private security company who were escorting the cash on transit in May.

Part of the loot has been used to purchase property and build  homes in Nairobi and around Nairobi, according to police sources we cannot name.

Police will also be opposing bail until such a time the investigations are completed in order to prevent the suspect(s) from interfering with ongoing investigations.