Lawyer Joyner Okonjo has asked a trial court to spare the convict the death sentence on the strength of an emotive  mitigation read in open court.

Kamande has been found guilty of snuffing off  her boyfriend, the late Farid Mohammed whom she stabbed multiple times before attempting inflicting a wound on herself using the murder weapon.

Okonjo told justice Jessie Lessit that Kamande had lately become deeply religious.

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Miss Lang’ata Women prison beauty queen Ruth Kamande’s fate sealed as judge finds her guilty of murder

Devout Christian

“At the time of her arrest she was 21 years old, she has been in custody for 2 years and nine months,” the lawyer said.

She said during the period of incarceration Kamande has “been very remorseful,” a statement that has been rebutted by the prosecution which maintains that her conduct has been far from  remorse.

The trial court heard that Kamande has lately become a devout Christian and prays five times a day “to reconcile with what happened.”

“She has also taken up religious studies and has enrolled for a course on Theology,” the lawyer said.

Okonjo told the trial court Kamande also engaged in various activities one of which culminated in her being crowned Miss Lang’ata Women’s prison…a thing which to-date we don’t know whether it worked for or against her!

“This title,” explained Okonjo, ” is conferred based on various factors and not physical attributes alone- they include discipline, cooperation, leadership skills and commitment to reform,” she said.

Death penalty

The court heard at the time of her arrest she had been admitted to university to study IT, a promising future “unfortunately cut short.”

“She has a certificate from Netherlands Embassy…” the lawyer continued.

Okonjo also said that the sentence should be considered against the backdrop of mitigation against the death penalty at the Supreme Court which seemed to quash it.

Okonjo asked the court to impose another sentence apart from the mandatory death penalty.

The lawyer said Kamande has been supporting her mother, a single parent  and her sibling brother, now deceased.

Justice Lessit will sentence her on July 19 2018.