A prosecutor has rebutted an emotive mitigation against murder convict Ruth Kamande who was found guilty of  stabbing her lover Farid Mohammed to death in Buru Buru estate, Nairobi two years ago.

Evelyn Onunga dug into the mitigation by the convicts lawyer Joyner Okonjo by reminding the trial court that the deceased  was an orphan and a  breadwinner for his siblings.

“The manner in which the deceased lost his life cannot be fathomed…” Onunga said adding that there was nothing preventing the judge from handing down the maximum penalty for the offence of such magnitude.

Onunga said the late Farid died as a result of multiple injuries inflicted by the convict.She said Farid’s family, friends and relatives “are yet to come to terms with the death.”

The prosecutor said Kamande’s “conduct has been of a person who is not remorseful.”

Greatest undoing

Click this link to read and  watch a confession video that knowledgeable parties say was Kamande’s greatest undoing.

Kenya prison beauty queen Ruth Kamande’s sweet defence in 2015 murder case

“During her unsworn statement (of defence) she did not show any remorse either…” the prosecutor told the judge.

She also scoffed that the decision of the Supreme Court that had been intimated to by the defence lawyer purportedly quashing the death penalty.

“That decision,”  the prosecutor said, ” was made by a judge and does not purport to amend the Criminal Procedure Code(CPC), the death penalty is still in existence and is valid,” Onunga said.

She said the judgement at the Supreme Court was to be used only for the particular case it was addressing and that “nothing bars this court from pronouncing the death sentence.”

Onunga urged the court to hand the death penalty ” as a lesson to others.

A prison source said the late Farid’s relatives have been grumbling over the preferential treatment the convict has been getting behind bars since being crowned a beauty pageant queen.

Justice Jessie Lessit is to pronounce Kamande’s fate on July 19 2018.