The Nairobi county executive is a running man!

And time is also running out, what with a child maintenance suit nearing conclusion without his response.

A trial at the interim stage in the proceedings  already directed that Kariuki ” takes care of the minor’s medical care and food needs by taking out an annual medical insurance cover from a reputable provider for both in and out patient cover and in addition provide Ksh25,000 for the minor’s food needs per month .”

He has also been ordered to share in paying the school fees on a 50-50 basis with the child’s mother.

Kariuki has not complied with the court order directing him  to pay for  upkeep to the minor.

The order issued on November 20 2017 by a  court directing him  to take care of the minor’s medical and provide KSh 25, 000 for monthly food has been ignored, the court  has been told.

The aggrieved mother Catherine  Wangui Macharia, through  his lawyer Paul Elkington, told the trial magistrate, that  the minor’s father has never responded to  the suit  which has been personally served upon him by a court process server and G4S courier services.

“The  county officer has not denied being the biological father of the minor, this  ought to have been demonstrated if  he filed a reply to the application,” the lawyer says.

Spurned by the church

The minor in question and two children of   Kariuki from his marriage to a third party attend the same school and church in Nairobi, court papers read.

And the birth of the child  caused him to be spurned by the church, PCEA, Loresho where he served as an elder…

Wangui has been supporting the child single-handed amidst struggle by paying  the house girl, driver and watchman as part of  her parental responsibility.

“Kariuki is a man of means,” Wangui lawyer states, “ but has refused and or neglected to take up parental responsibility for his daughter.”

An annual estimate of the child’s expenditure has been drawn to the tune of Ksh 2.4 million including Ksh150,000 for holidays,  and Ksh 20,000 for toys and games.

A magistrate observed that “the child has been introduced to a fairly high standard lifestyle including the school where the child attends and it would be in the child’s best interest to have these standards kept.”

Legal advisor

Lawyer Elkington told  the court that, the  father being a senior civil  servant who served in the office of Deputy President , William Ruto, during the  love affair with the plaintiff  “ought take responsibility as provided under the  Children Act.”

Judgment is set for  August 10 2018.

The trial magistrate in the interim said “the trite law is that every child has the right to parental care and protection which includes equal, responsibility of the mother and father to provide for the child, whether they are married or not.”

“This is a case in the courts view where parental responsibility for the child should be shared on an equal bias as contemplated under Article53(1)(e) of the Constitution,” G.M Gitonga, the trial magistrate ruled in November 2017 while giving the interim order for maintenance.

Kariuki, a trained lawyer, served as President Uhuru’s legal advisor on governance and anti-corruption.