TWO Pakistani’s have been arrested and detained for interrogation after being found to have been photographing churches and school in Narumoru using their cell phones.

The men, according to detectives from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU), are suspected to be engaging in “criminal activities while pretending to be  hawkers.”

An affidavit sworn by Cpl Geoffrey K. Busolo of ATPU and which was presented in court indicates that they may be on a surveillance mission, mapping out possible targets for attack.

The detective told court that when  Gull Mohammed Irfan and Hussein Shaahed were apprehended, they were found in possession of two Pakistani passports which had “an e-visa which is now being verified  by the investigation team to ascertain whether the subjects are here legally.”

“During their arrest they were found hawking stuff where by they are required to have a work permit so as to engage in such business and the same is being handled by the immigration department,” the detective said.

No fixed abode

A  court in Nairobi was told the respondents have no fixed abode and releasing them may jeopradise on going investigations.

The police have been given five days to finalise their investigations.

Several electronic equipment were impounded including mobile phones which have been taken to the forensic lab for “exploitation.”

Police believe the gadgets contain crucial information which may lead to the arrest of their accomplices, still at large.

Call data records

The suspects were arrested on July 20 2018 by officers from DCI Narumoru after being tipped off by members of the public on having been spotted in the township within Nyeri county.

“They were collected and escorted to the ATPU  headquarters for further investigations.The respondents activities are questionable since in the course of doing the illegal business of hawking without a permit it made  them access most parts of Narumoru…” Cpl Busolo told a magistrate.

They have been detained at the Muthaiga police station, Nairobi, Kenya.

” We are yet to communicate with the Pakistan embassy to furnish us with information in regards to the respondents presence in the country,” Cpl Busolo said.

He said call data records of the suspects have bee requested from service providers and results are yet to be received and which are crucial in their investigation