A family in Kenya is crying for justice for their daughter who is stranded in Canada.

According to Lorna’s family members, their daughter met her husband, Larry, in  Kenya in October of 2006 and they moved in together in January 2007 and, maintained a home in Kenya until June 2016 when they sold the martial home and moved to Canada.

After they moved to Canada the marriage began to degrade. She was isolated from all family related business including family related purchases.

Larry engaged his son from a previous marriage, Grant, on all these issues, completely removing her from the processes.

Withdrawn Sponsorship

She was later sponsored by Larry in her application for Permanent Canadian Residence and in mid Dec 2017 she qualified for a Permanent Canadian Residence and Immigration.

To her shock, she learnt that the husband had withdrawn sponsorship without informing her. The enstranged husband called the police on her accusing her of planning to abduct their children and return to Kenya.

The Police investigated the matter and said there was no evidence of the claims.

Despite the police dismissing him, he went further to present her with a letter from his lawyer threatening to have her arrested.

Without a spouse.

She then received an emergency motion that required her to defend herself in court. The case pending in a Canada Court is set to proceed in Sept 2018.

In addition to the court case, Lorna has learnt that Larry transfered their marital property to his son without her consent. “The transfer documents also show that Larry declared he was without a spouse, and that the property was vacant – with no buildings or home on it,” according to her family.

The family says emotional abuse and harassment from Larry and Grant has intensified “significantly” culminating into her being ordered out of their marital home.

Child Support

Lorna is currently unemployed.

Larry continues to run business in Kenya and  resides in  Karen, Nairobi, Kenya.

Since Larry withdrew his sponsorship for Lorna’s Canadian Permanent Residency she is unable to seek employment.

Lorna’s family says she is not receiving child support and she has been denied access to family credit cards and all family related assets that they accumulated during their marriage.