A terror suspect whose arrest triggered unrest in Sololo area in Marsabit county has been detained in Nairobi.

Qualicha Bagaja Abakule,  whose accomplices ambushed a police convoy in an attempt to free him. prompting a gunfight in which a police vehicle was blown up before reinforcements  of KDF and GSU personnel intervened, is believed to have been planning to attack missionary facilities in the area.
The suspect was arrested due to his involvement with terrorists and especially supply of firearms.His arrest provoked unrest in the area.
“Due to the nature of the suspects involvement in planning of terror attacks and supply of weapon to terrorists , it shows he possess the capacity and financial muscle to interfere with investigations, arrest of his associates a, plan more attacks, obstruct investigations and interfere with possible key witnesses,” a police affidavit filed in court reads.
Bagaja’s arrest caused tension in the area as enraged youths demanded the release of the middle aged man or else they invade Moyale police station to set him free.
Police say he is also the Oromo Liberation Front which has been waging a vicious fight against the Ethiopian government.
Credible information
Detectives received credible information leading to his arrest on July 26 2018 at Quate area which is about 60 km South of Moyale police station.
During the arrest police recovered a pistol loaded with seven bullets and has been taken for ballistics examination.
An affidavit filed at the Milimani law courts reads that at the time of his arrest and escort into custody “police were ambushed by armed attackers which led to change of route to Sololo police station from the original Moyale destination.”
“Pursuant to the ambush of the police officers escorting the suspect, the officers called and received back up from the army and GSU and was successful taken to Moyale and later the airstrip for on ward transportation to Nairobi,” the affidavit sworn by Ezekiel Luley reads.
Digital prints trail
Police says they require phone details of all persons that the suspects has been communicating with both in Kenyan and outside and their digital prints trail.
Intelligence reports  so far received show that the suspects and his associates were palling attacks within the country.
Bagaja returns to court on Wednesday where he is expected to face conspiracy to commit a terrorism act, illegal possession of firearms and being a member of a terrorists group.
The court heard that police 15 days to complete investigations