POLICE say the suspect, Stephen Wambua Muteti, is a ruthless highway robber who has been targeted motorists for long along Mombasa Rd.

He is now facing   3  charges at the Milimani law Courts after  police uncovered his tracks , including a violent robbery in   which a foreigner lost  Ksh1.9 million in the city’s Industrial area.

Police announced his arrest on August 5 2018 alluding to a major breakthrough in combating highway robberies along the busy Mombasa Rd which had noted an increase in carjackings in the past 18 months.

Muteti’s gang at the time of his arrest are still on the run, police say.

The gang, which included both men and women, would break up into groups of two to four and randomly target motorists, according to the police.

“We estimate that a dozen motorists have been victimized by having their cars broken into just here in Industrial area and others  have been attacked along the highway,”  justicenow.co.ke was told on condition of anonymity.

Muteti is charged with  robbing WANG YUAN of Ksh1,900,000 on January 18 2017 along Likoni Rd in Industrial area , Nairobi, jointly with others not in court while armed with pistols.

He is also charged with being found in possession of an imitation firearm at AA VILLA in Embakasi on January 29 2017.

The suspect faces a further charge of  being found in possession of two live bullets  at AA VILLA in Embakasi on January 29 2017.

Not guilty

Muteti’s release on bond has been opposed on grounds that he jumped bail in a separate case of robbery with violence.

And, this young woman you see below has been charged with defrauding another of a whooping Ksh9.9 million!

Caroline Murugu Nthimbi allegedly committed the offence in  October 2016 in Nairobi County.

He has denied that she conned Naomi Mwende Akisha that she was in a position to supply her with fuel.

Police  arrested her August 6 2016 while enforcing  a warrant of arrest issued against her two years ago and was at the Milimani Law Court  August 7  2018 where she pleaded “not guilty.”

Her release on bond was opposed with the prosecution applying for a search warrant and three days to help complete investigations.