NATIONAL Transport & Safety Authority (NTSA), has released a new list of minor traffic offences and the fine the offender will be required to pay should they get caught.
It is wise to be in the know to avoid fleecing by the boys in blue.
Here is the list of the offences;
*1. Driving a vehicle that does have identification plates affixed or if they’ve been placed incorrectly – Ksh. 10,000*
*2. Driving on or through a pedestrian walkway or pavement – Ksh. 5,000*
*3. Causing obstruction on the road with your vehicle in a manner that inconveniences other motorists or prevents flow of traffic – Ksh. 10,000*
*4.Failure of a driver to obey traffic signs – Ksh. 3,000*
*5. Failure of a driver to stop when asked to do so by a police officer in uniform – Ksh. 5,000*
*6. Driving without a valid driving licence that corresponds to the class of the vehicle being driven – Ksh. 7,000*
*7.Failure to renew a driving licence -Ksh. 1,000*
*8. Failure to produce a driving licence on demand – Ksh. 1,000*
*9.Driving while using a mobile phone – Ksh. 2,000*
*10.Learner failing to exhibit ‘L’ plates on front and rear of the vehicle – Ksh. 1,000*
*12. Failure of a vehicle to carry lifesavers – Ksh. 2,000*
*13. Failure to display lifesavers in the case where any part of the vehicle remains on the road in a position to obstruct or cause obstruction – Ksh. 3,000*
*14. Failure of vehicle to have seat belts – Ksh. 10,000 for every seat that doesn’t have a seat belt or if the the seat belts are not of the proper standard.*
*15. Failure to wear a seat belt while the vehicle is in motion -Ksh. 500*
*16. Driving a PSV while being unqualified -Ksh. 7,000*
*17. The driver of the PSV who lets an unauthorized person drive – Ksh. 5,000*
*18. An unlicensed individual acting as the conductor or driver of the PSV – Ksh. 5,000*
*19. PSV picking and dropping passengers at areas that are not the designated bus stops – Ksh. 1,000*
*20. Failure to fit prescribed speed governors in vehicles – Ksh. 10,000*
*21. Travelling with a part of the body outside a moving vehicle – Ksh. 1,000*
*22. Touting – Ksh. 3,000*
*23. Motorcycle rider riding without protective gear -Ksh. 1,000*
*24. Motorcycle passenger riding without protective gear – Ksh. 1,000*
*25. Rider of a motorcycle carrying more than one passenger – Ksh. 1,000*
*26. Failure to keep seat belts in a clean and wearable condition – Ksh. 500*
*For speeding, the fines are as follows:*
*Exceeding the speed limit as prescribed to the class of the vehicle by;*
*1-5 kph: Ksh. 500*
*6-10 kph: Ksh. 3,000*
*11-15 kph: Ksh. 6,000*
*16-20 kph: Ksh. 10,000*
*Exceeding the speed limit shown on a traffic sign by;*
*1-5 kph: Ksh. 500*
*6-10 kph: Ksh. 3,000*
*11-15 kph: Ksh. 6,000*
*16-20 kph: Ksh. 10,000*