JOSEPH Njue Johana  hired one Joseph Kihara Karanja on August 8 2018 to transport electrical equipment which included high voltage cables meant for a government project in Samburu  worth Ksh 20 million from Longonot to  Marti.

But it appears the transporter had other plans up his greasy sleeves…police say as the cargo was being hauled , he called  the complainant and requested a further Ksh20,000 claiming the m/v had developed mechanical problems, but “that’s when he(Kihara) switched off his mobile phone and could not be reached therefater.”

On August 12 2018 it was confirmed the goods had not been  delivered to the respective destination.

“They tried their best to find the whereabouts of the respondent but he was nowhere to be found…” John Njeru a detective involved in the case has told a Nairobi court.

The detective also said the suspect has been very cooperative and has promised to assist in recovering of other missing goods and help identify  and arrest other suspects.

The driver’s door

The court has so far detained the suspect for three days to help police complete investigations.

It is said Kihara’s insatiable appetite for “goods” sold him out when his vehicle  suspected to have ferried the Ksh 20 million consignment into oblivion, reg no. KBB 972F, a Scannia lorry with white horse and blue trailer was sighted at Inland Container Deport(ICD) in Industrial Area, Nairobi, and it had a different registration number, KBH 684C and ” also the name of the company written on the driver’s door appear to have been erased and changed.”

The vehicle has since been impounded at the Kilimani police station, the trial court heard.

On August 21 2018 at mid-day police raided the suspect’s residence at Membley in Kiambu and an assortment of electrical shipment positively identified by Njue was recovered.

Police, the trial court heard, also managed to retrieve  more electrical equipment believed to have been stolen from Kenya power company.

The suspect is also bedeviled with illegal connections that by pass meter boxes in the area, police say.

“The complainant was not able to recover all his stolen goods and others were already vandalised,” Njeru said.

He said the suspect has been very cooperative and has promised to assist in recovering of other missing goods and help identify  and arrest other suspects.

Ketraco government project

Police plan to retrieve a CCTV footage depicting the suspect receiving his fee  for transportation in Mai Mahiu.

“The subject was claiming to have a contract with Kenya power …” Njeru said.

He said police are looking for more suspects  in connection with the fraudulent businesses.

The detective said police  also have information that the respondent is is being “wanted” by DCI Ruiru  to be charged for another undisclosed offence.

Kihara is said to have vandalized the 3 rolls of the high voltage electrical cable for the Ketraco government project based in Samburu.

KPLC installation materiel and fake stamps have been recovered at his compound.

“Iam asthmatic and has not been able to take medicine following my arrest…” the suspect said.He also made incomprehensible requests in court including that the case be transferred to Ruiru and that his a lorry be released as it has other “exhibits!”