One of the suspects linked to the attempted murder of former Garissa Finance Executive Idriss Mukhtar needs urgent medical help…Click the link below to watch:

Mohamud Hussein Aden, Ombeta said, was tortured and initially denied legal counsel.
Police officers allegedly took turns to tug at his private parts,  the court heard.
 Ombeta pushed for a private family doctor to be present when the suspect is ttreated at KNH and a report filed in court on September 6 2018.
“I was treated in an inhuman, degrading and cruel manner in a bid to make me sign confessions regarding the alleged attempted murder,”  the suspect’s sworn affidavit reads.
It is alleged  Aden  tortured extract a confession  linking other suspects in the  attempted murder case that has seen Garrissa governor Ali Korane adversely mentioned.
Aden is being accused alongside David Mwai Wanjiru who ‘committed suicide or was murdered’ at Parklands police station  one Juliet Charity Njoki.
The suspect is alleged to have been booked at several police station before finally being booked at Gigiri police station on  August 28 2018 .