A warrant of arrest has been issued against the couple after they failed to appear in a Nairobi court to answer charges in connection with the grand theft of Ksh1,150,125,587.20 between January 23 2015 and March 2016 at Chase Bank(K)limited head office in the city.

Patrick and Angela  are accuse of stealing the money  alongside former Chase Bank chairman Mohammed Zafrulla Khan and the bank’s former bosses.

Zafrulla appeared in court and has denied the charge(s). He has been detained at Kileleshwa police station pending a ruling on his bond terms after the prosecution raised apprehension that he may flee in the face of three cases already facing him in the criminal courts in Nairobi.

His lawyer Cecil Miller has, however, read malice in the application.Click to watch video below:

“The accused persons are not in court…” prosecutor James Mungai Warui said while applying for the arrest warrants.

He said the suspects knew of the court date after having been summoned by the investigating officer but did’nt bother to send a representative to shed light why they were not in court.

Money laundering

The court heard that  between January 23 2015 and March 31 2016 at Chase bank, Head office, Nairobi, the Mp and his wife and certain companies identified in the charge papers as Porting Access Limited and Itecs Limited, conspired to defraud the bank bosses to steal in excess of  Ksh 1 billion by irregularly disbursing the said amounts to Porting Access Limited and Itecs Limited “without following the payment process as stipulated under the Finance Policy of the said Chase Bank(K) Limited.”

Zafrulla is further charged with stealing by director.

The prosecution says he jointly stole with others not before the court, depositors money from his own bank.

Chase Bank was put under receivership after  massive money laundering was unearthed and its directors, already charged in two separate cases.

The ex- Chase bank boss also faces a further charge of money laundering.

Patrick, his wife Angela and their companies are also charged with money laundering.

The prosecution says between January 23 2015 and March 31 2016 at Chase bank, knowing or while having reasonably ought to have known that Ksh409,682,900 formed part of the proceeds of crime, removed the said amount from Chase Bank Internal  account number 0004005459002 and transferred the same to account numbers 010002061188 and 01002061445  domiciled at Paramount Universal Bank.

Warrants suspended

Police have been directed to trace and arrest the couple and possibly present them in court on Monday.

Meanwhile, veteran lawyer Cecil Miller who is acting for Zafrullah has told the court his client is need of urgent medical care in the US.

Miller also won a reprieve for other Chase Bank directors who were not present in court after the prosecution asked for warrants of arrest against them.

Duncan Kabui Gichu, James Mwaura Mwenja, Makarios Omondi Agumbi will not be arrested, thanks to Miller who explained that their absence was not intentional and the pending warrants suspended.

“Their absence is simply because Banking Fraud Unit had not called me for the purposes of appearing before them(investigators)…they called accused number one whom I represent, personally for charge and caution,” he said.

Miller made an undertaking to present Kabui, Mwaura and Omondi at a later date, Monday 17 September 2018.