UHURU’S elder sister, Kristina, also,  the Chairperson of the National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya (NFDK) has lifted the lid on a seven year old standing debt owed to her by Karen Country Club member Richard Thande.

In a civil case filed at the Milimani Commercial courts Kristina says on November 29 2011, she entered into a written contract with Thande.

“In the contract, the defendant acknowledged that he owed the plaintiff the sum of Ksh5 million and stated that the same would be settled in installments of Ksh20,000 per month beginning December 23 2011.

Numerous requests

Kristina has told the court through his lawyer Eddy Orinda that Thande has since entering the agreement only paid a sum of Ksh20,000.

“The plaintiff avers that despite numerous requests and demands in the month of June 2018 to the defendant to refund the remaining sum of Ksh4,980,000, the defendant has declined to settle the same,” the plaint reads.

She has stated that there is no other suit pending before the court and there has been no other previous proceedings between the plaintiff and the defendant over the same matter.

The course of action arose in Nairobi, the suit papers state.

Uhuru’s sister now prays for judgment against Thande for the liquidated sum of Ksh 4,980,000.

She also wants to be awarded the costs of the suit and interest on owed amount until payment is made in full.

The agreement, annexed to the suit papers, was signed on November 29 2011.