In an apparent attempt to normalise and condition Kenyans for the gay agenda the Kenya Classification Film Board  suffered a set back as high court suspends the ban on this fruity  themed movie Rafiki.

Judge Wilfrida Okwany has suspended the ban for a period of seven days  to allow nomination for the film.

During the suspension  period the lesbian film will only be open to viewing to willing adults only, but which we here @justice, strongly advices against ….


The court has stopped restriction of the Wanuri Kahiu film after finding that she has an arguable case.

Exposure and opportunity

While issuing the temporary orders which will lapse on September 30 2018, justice Okwany agreed with Kanuri that should she miss the entry to the nominations , there is no way in which the court can sit through a petition compensate her for the fame, glory , exposure and opportunity that the Oscar nomination brings a film maker.


Justice Okwany said the court has granted the order since the matter is not for determination on whether homosexuality is right or wrong , moral or immoral but whether an artist or filmmaker can in exercising his or her right to freedom of expression and artistic creativity make a film depicting a gay theme.

Artistic creativity

The film classification board banned the film in April for depicting gaysim.


But Kanuri together with Creative Economy Working Group contested the move accusing Mutua  of limiting the freedom of expression and artistic creativity.


The Film will now be submitted to the Oscars Selection Committee of Kenya for entry to the 2019 Oscars Awards Festival under the Best Foreign Language Film Category.

This despicable fruity film  is about a love story of two teenage girls who develop a romantic relationship, which is opposed by their families and community…

It was adapted from the short story Jambula Tree by Uganda’s Monica Arac de Nyeko, which was awarded the prestigious Caine Prize for African Writing in 2007.

After the ruling

According to the KFCB, the moral of the story in the film in the film is to legitimize lesbianism in Kenya contrary to the law and the Boards content classification guidelines.

After the ruling, Mutua posted on his Facebook page “……..After 30th of September 2018, the ban by the Board resumes as earlier announced. It’s a tragedy that anyone in their sane minds think that homosexual content is the one to market Kenya’s film industry in the global market. Films and art in general should reflect the dominant values of the Kenyan people. Homosexuality is not our way of life and is against our values. Anything that threatens or undermines the institution of family, which is derived from the union of two people of the opposite gender must be condemned. The Attempt to normalize homosexuality is akin to air-conditioning hell”.