Defence lawyers prepare to rebut a report by a government chemist that confirmed the former Juja Mp George Thuo collapsed and died after ingesting a deadly pesticide laced in a drink.

Testifying against Thika Town Porkies Club owner Paul Wainaina Boiyo alias Sheki,  Thuo’s aide Christopher Lumbazio Andika alias Lumba, DJs Andrew Karanja Wainaina and Samuel Kuria Ngugi alias Visi, Ms Esther Ndinda Mulinge, a waiter, and a patron Ruth Watahi Irungu alias Atlanta who were the last to see the late Thuo alive former government chemist toxicology boss Wandera  Bideru said the politician had imbibed an alcoholic beverage laced with a deadly pesticide.

He said he found the same traces of the poison on a bottle and a handkerchief and a shirt that the late Thuo was wearing.

The witness said he did a routine blood -alcohol and drug testing and found the late Thuo had taken one and a half liters of beer, “which is very low and does not cause intoxication.”

He did not find the presence of any drugs during the screening.

Deadly effects

He said the first round of tests almost placed a finger on an insecticide, justice will not name here…which he found on six items including the deceased internal organs.

“The first stage of analysis found what I strongly suspected to be the pesticide…I confirmed that what I suspected to be poison was indeed what it was( dear reader the government chemist shocked the court room that this pesticide can be bought off the counter in Nairobi at a cost of Ksh120 while in the United States, its use is banned because of its deadly effects, ” @##?is a silient killer and has been killing hundreds!”the witness said.

It is highly soluble in alcohol and has no odor!“The stain on the hand cloth, I was able to mop it and I confirmed it,On the shirt I also isolated it there,” the witness said. “Then there was this bottle engraved Tusker, I picked traces of the poison in that bottle,’ he said.

He said very faint traces were also found in two other empty bottles.

The witness said the highly toxic pesticide triggered acute bleeding in the deceased stomach.

“The alcohol became a carrier and it would not take long to get into the stomach walls and into the blood system…MY CONCLUSION WAS THAT THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF DEATH OF THE LATE GEORGE THUO WAS POISONING!

The witness said police brought samples he screened for drugs and alcohol.

He said the level of alcohol the late Thuo had taken was too low to make him drunk.

The defence thinks otherwise and rubbishes the allegation of the state that he was poisoned at the club where he was drinking beer.

Hearing continues.