A PROPHET is not honoured in his own country…but to Gilbert Deya who was extradited from London under an arrest warrant issued by Kenyan authorities, who have charged him with child stealing, in a duplicate case that his wife Mary was acquitted, he has accepted and has hit the ground running.

His dream and vision of taking the Gospel to the world has not been quenched not even by the incarceration at Kamiti and, according to him “is now re-born again along Mombasa Rd, Nairobi, Kenya where the preacher has acquired a huge complex to set up his mission and  administrative offices.”

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Justice Luka Kimaru set Deya free after the  prosecution failed to complete the case  in stipulated 90 days period.

The judge pointed an accusing finger at the prosecution for failing to complete the trial even after being granted an additional 90 days.

Last December, chief magistrate Francis Andayi had ordered that the preacher be released on a KSh1 million bond but the prosecution appealed against ruling and moved to the High Court.

Chief magistrate Francis Andayi had earlier granted prosecution 120 days to finalise the case against  Deya and warned against attempts to prolong the case.

Grand mission

Deya has been at the Kamiti Maximum Prison since August 4 2017, the day he was extradited from the UK and charged with the offense of child theft.

The preacher told Justicenow.co.ke that no matter what has happened  “has accepted and landed in Kenya and considers it a re-birth of his grand mission to take the Gospel of Jesus to the world.”

While in the UK, the Kenyan authorities sought his extradition and he went to court to stop the request. He, however, lost the extradition proceedings in a London court but went ahead to appeal against the judgment.

He lost the appeal in 2008 and attempts to further stop his extradition ended last year.

Deya will be managing his activities from one of the most modern and expansive building in the heart of Nairobi 22500 2q feet of space which will include a TV studio for the ministry opposite the Hilton Garden Hotel adjacent to the Syokimau SGR station.

“It is the biggest hall the ministry has ever acquired in its history,” Deya said.

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He said no matter what obstacles he may face in his life he will not give up.

“I still hold on to my faith to accomplish the mission God gave me on earth which is to perform miracles signs and wonders in the name in the name of Jesus,” the cheerful preacher says in an interview.

Praying for the sick

Deya has obtained a TV licence but is yet to start broadcasting from Nairobi, Kenya.

“The extradition was not a coincidence but god was returning me back to my nation to start propagating what He started before I left for England,” Deya says.

Deya’s wife had faced 10 counts of child stealing and obtaining false birth certificates and was acquitted after a lengthy trial .

The preacher faces similar charges at the chief magistrate’s court in Nairobi but he says the case is not his problem but “to cast out demons out of people, heal the sick and make sure the ministry of Jesus be realised in peoples lives.”

He is yet to open his offices 24 hours with full time trained pastors to meet the spiritual needs of the people. So far pastor James Munga is available for counselling and praying for the sick.

“Anyone who is sick spiritually or physically should get into the building anytime to be ministered to, just the same way we used to do in England,” the preacher adds.