THE Citizen TV siren associated with person’s of influence and there are apprehensions that if released on bond she will threaten or intimidate key prosecution witnesses.

These witnesses already fear for their lives and have to be put under protection, a trial court was told shortly after Maribe and her lover Jowie Irungu were charged with the depraved murder of  Monica Nyawira who worked in Sudan and had amassed enviable wealth.

These apprehensions, to some veteran lawyers and law enforcers, friendly with intimated, night work against the couple.

It is strong in that  the moment a morbid fear for the protection of witnesses is raised in court,the prosecution wins! Watch.“Some of these witnesses are the house help who was with them prior to the fatal incident and after, watchmen and other key witnesses… seen to be vulnerable in the hands of the accused persons if released on bond,” court documents filed to oppose bond state.

Big Gun Theory

For instance,look at Jowie:He has been seen being in possession as described carrying a “big gun.”

The big gun theory may work against the suspect now believed to have been in the company of another man,driving away the night Nyawira was slain.

He is said to have informed a witness who will need protection that he was on patrol while carrying the big gun and further has displayed his photograph o social media carrying a firearm and thus the character portrayed  presented a person capable of inflicting fear on potential witness…police say.

They may charge him later with gun related offences,but back to the murder proceedings.

Police say in an affidavit Jowie Jowi  Irungu allegedly attempted to commit suicide and needs closed circuit supervision.

A recanted statement by Jackie states he ran into her bedroom covered in blood, the upper right hand side after the attempted self-shooting,also a subject of investigation according to the affidavit.

“After the commission of the crime Jowie burnt the clothes he was wearing during the material night

at Jackie residence and the remains have been positively identified by witnesses who were in his company and if  they rare released may interfere with evidence, read witnesses.A lawyer told justice this is one of the best affidavit in opposition to bond the prosecution ever filed!

Forensic reports are not ready  either nor a report on the money the thugs snatched from their victim.

Free on bail

The word witness protection appears 25 times in the court documents and that’s of interest here in the determination on bond.

Jowie also has no fixed residence and was residing with Jackie…police say with the nature of the arrangement the two cannot be trusted to honour court dates, “Jowie Jowi a known flyer.”

The prosecution says the gruesome manner in which the suspects decapitated NYAWIRA MAY SENDS SHIVERS DOWN THE SPINES OF POTENTIAL WITNESSES seeing them free on bail.

Maribe,they said rubs shoulders with potentially influential personas and may scuttle the case by threatening or intimidating key witnesses.

Lives in danger

The main stream media reported she initially “chest-thumped” at arresting officers.

“In view of the above if released on bond they may threaten or intimidate the key prosecution witnesses before we secure all evidence and if released the damage will be so severe that it will be too late to salvage,” the police affidavit reads.

Jowie and Jackie are also apprehensive of heir own lives having indicated that there are “persons who approached them indicative the fact their lives were in danger.

Theyhave been in secure protective custody,the affidavit concludes.The love birds turned murder suspects return to court on October  17 2018.

The prosecution adds the release on bond may undermine public order the amount of  interest the case has generated notwithstanding.