Archbishop Gilbert Deya is a man of many parts- a preacher of the gospel, an astute businessman, a motivational speaker,writer, a musician, to mention but just a few.

Sitting at his office off Mombasa Rd shortly after an induction meeting of team  members of his Gilbert Deya Ministries Kenya, Deya opens up on his great (co)mission to Kenya after his sensational extradition from the United Kingdom.

“I swore never to come back to Kenya, but God had other plans…” the jovial preacher says.

Deya says that whatever God ordained is legitimate and cannot be compared with the ordination of man  in reference to the many questions and write-ups about his ministry.

“I have been called names, self styled, fake etc, but in my self style I cast out demons, heal the sick and spread the word of God to the world,” Deya says.

Deya is facing trial at the Milimani law courts for stealing children, a similar case in which his wife Mary was acquitted for lack of evidence.

Miracle babies

In the media he is referred to at the “miracle babies” preacher.

But not to be cowed, the criminal case notwithstanding, Deya says his coming back to Kenya was an act of God. He was incarcerated at Kamiti prison for a year before justice Luka Kimaru released him on a Ksh 10 million bond.

Deya believes the Christian faith has got more to do than passive spirituality.

“The mission of Jesus on earth was special, contrary to the religion of Judaism which was the only religion by then that worshiped the God of Moses,” the preacher whose net-worth is estimated to be in billions despite coming from an impoverished background.

He says the people rejected Jesus’ ministry the way he cast out demons and healed the sick.

“His own people accused him to the judiciary of the Roman empire and later killed him and all his disciples,” says the man of God.

Deya says despite meeting stiff opposition to his ministry, he has had tremendous success that outlives him.

“I have had a successful ministry in England that even touched the Royal family,” he states.

Doing better

He said the Royal family benefited from his service after God commanded him to go serve in England.

Asked how his ministry is doing now that he is miles away in Kenya, Deya says he left the fire of the holy ghost, trained pastors and his son Amos in charge and “the ministry is even doing better than when I was in England.”

Deya says his vision is to see Christianity transform lives spiritually, physically and even “destroy the poverty mindset that bedevils our people.”

“I want to see Christians involved in development projects like putting up hospitals, schools and being people who believe in entrepreneurship to fulfill God’s plans for His creation,” Deya says.

He explains that God’s plan for mankind is to “fill the earth and subdue it…have dominion over it.”

My enemy

Is he bitter with the turn of events in his life, from a high flying preacher, extradition and being a guest of the state, albeit on bail pending the hearing and determination of the child stealing case?

“Not atall,” Deya says adding, ” My enemy is not man but Satan…Satan failed to finish Jesus, even though he was crucified he regained His life and is alive today in  me.”

Deya says he is not worried about the case.

“The mother of the children stood in the same court and confirmed the children were hers and also defended the accusations of forging birth certificates and she was acquitted,” he adds.

How can I be guilty if allegations are that the children were stolen at birth, none has put a claim that I stole their children, Deya poses.

“My case has gone on for a year now am still asking myself, how can I be prosecuted in a case with no complainant, no claimant!” he restates.

Full potential

Deya says that his wife faced 10 counts, 5 of child stealing and 5 of forgery and was let off the hook under Section 210 of the criminal procedure code after the prosecution failed to adduce evidence.

“She had no case to answer,” adds Deya.

Deya has acquired an expansive and one of the most  modern and expansive building in the heart of Nairobi measuring some 22500 sq feet where he plans to set up a TV station, Freedom TV to spread the word and touch the world.

“I am here in Kenya ministering to people 24 hours, if anyone can come we shall help people know and realise their full potential.

Deya says “the demons in Kenya are in danger,” as he is now back into the business he knows best- casting out evil spirits.

Initially he had a congregation that used to meet at Hilton Garden hotel at his own cost of  Ksh 3,5oo per seat, which has grown in the short time since his release from prison to a sizable number of 100.

“They are to be trained in the ministry of casting out demons and healing the sick,” he says.