RE-KNOWN televangelist Gilbert Deya who is on trial in Kenya for stealing children says he believes in the due process of a fair trial and is confident of the judicial system dispensing him justice.

It is this system he fought  for 12 years while in England, battling his extradition, since he believed it would not serve him justice. caught up with the flamboyant preacher when he had gone for routine reporting at the Milimani law courts and brings you excerpts from an interview from this man of God who believes his return to his motherland,Kenya, is but a blessing in disguise.

Q:It is one year and five months since you were arrested in Westminster magistrate’s court in England and extradited to Kenya to answer to charges of stealing 5 children. The case was expected to be expedited and be determined in 120 days according to judge Luka Kimaru. Unfortunately this has not happened, your take on this?

A:I wish not to prejudice my own case, but its a fact that this case has continued into the second year, well, it started in 2004 August to be precise. In 2011, the magistrate who acquitted my wife Mary challenged the prosecution that they had failed  to produce a claimant or a complainant whose children she was accused of stealing.After 7 years the prosecution could not provide the claimant, its over 15 years now and I am facing the same charges, the same witnesses that were used in Mama Mary’s case are the very ones standing against me with the same statements…I wonder that no one has been brought to court claiming I stole their children. I am out on bail, but the case has been dragging.

Q:Do you believe you will get justice?

A: I believe if justice is to be served to me, I cannot be convicted.If she(Mary) was acquitted, I am 100 per cent sure I cannot be jailed.

Q: Your take on the Kenyan judiciary?

A: The granting of my Ksh10 million bail is an indicator of changes in the judiciary.Justice Kimaru was kind enough to give me the bail although the prosecution challenged the first bail that was granted to me by the trial magistrate Francis Andayi as they said I was a flight risk. I believe that the Kenya of today is not like the Kenya of the past years…see how corruption is being fought!The current administration of President Uhuru Kenyatta makes me have hope even in the judiciary. I believe I will be acquitted because the judiciary is not corrupt. I have no complaint.

Q:Why did you fight your extradition for so long…12 years?

A:The UK judicial system is perfect and I that’s why I was able to fight for 12 years. I fought not to return to Kenya as I was apprehensive I would not get a fair trial, but at the moment I expect a fair trial, I believe I am in the process of  a fair trial. I have no complaint against the judiciary like the way I had before.

Q:Since you got bail on May 23 2018 what have you been doing apart from waiting for justice?

A: I have decided to be effective to enhance my vision of propagating my vision to mankind…with the help of my Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I am in the service of healing the sick, casting out demons, breaking curses and restoring finances. Recently, a woman called Elizabeth who had marriage problems for 18 years came to us at our ministry offices on Mombasa Road and has already received her miracle. She was healed for her neck problems, she wobbled when  walking, but now completely restored and  even the husband has come back and has bought her and their children a house in Nairobi,Kenya. Pastor James Munga spoke to her problem in Jesus name and the Lord has answered us. She is now celebrating the great victory of my God  who returned me to Kenya.Click this link to watch 

Q: So your return to Kenya is already bearing fruits…?

A:Yes and I repeat that my return to Kenya is not the devil’s plan but God’s, He returned me back to make His name known. It is the will of God and I thank Him for continuing to use me as before.

Q: How is life in England generally?

A:(Clears his voice)In UK nothing is good for black people who can only get jobs for cleaning the elderly and despite having a degree can only be employed in factories to shift cartons. White collar jobs are only for whites, I discourage people who think life abroad is easy.Kenya is very good.

Q: Back to the case. You say you believe justice may be served in your favour?

A:Yes!I said I will be acquitted because the judiciary is not corrupt…I was surprised that even the DCJ Philomena Mwilu had to face the dock…if she was not spared then no one will even influence the judiciary to convict me wrongly. This is the same case my wife was charged with and was acquitted.

Q:Your last word for now?

A:I am waiting for justice…look by the time the charges were instituted I was already in the UK. Did my ghost come to Kenya to be the thief? To date I have not seen whom I stole the children from. Justice has to be done!I am waiting for that justice that Pilate gave to Jesus-he said I have not seen his crime and washed his hands but the Jews took the law in their hands and unjustifiably killed him, which but was in the best interest for me to get salvation and become an apostle of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world. Now we are depopulating Hell and populating Heaven through his blood that was shed on Calvary.

The hearing of Deya’s case resume sin December.