A man defending himself for the murder of his wife in a Nairobi estate was explicit in court.

He told a judge how on the night his wife was found dead they had argued over sex.

“We had showered together before going to bed, but when i demanded my conjugal rights she told me flatly that she had made up her mind that I would not f@*K her again…I was shocked!” Paul Odhiambo Ogunde, Agnes Mwikali Mutua who is charged with killing  his wife,Agnes Mwikali Mutua, over infidelity, told the trial court.

He said that night his wife told him that she had been “having sex the whole day with a younger man who knew how to handle her better and she was not ready to be “f@#cked!”

The suspect said they had resolved ealier fall outs with his late wife who had infected him twice with gonorrhea and later HIV but this night he asked her to leave, to pack up and leave…be “escorted  to her parents home.”

Talking terms

He said this was the fourth time he was having issues with his late wife.

“We were not in an argument but not on talking terms,” he recalled.

He denied confiscating Mutua phone and disputed an aye witness account, his maid who said he worn a wild face momentarily before the turns of events.

The suspect is believed to have strangled his wife using an electric cord and dumped her body in a store in the house they lived in  Buru Buru estate, Nairobi on the night of June 9 2015.

He is out on cash bail of Ksh2 million.


A military man is said to have been having an open affair with the deceased.

“We showered before going to bed, when I asked for sex it didn’t happen, she became wild, when I asked her the reason she said she had been f@#cked the whole day by a younger man who knows to f@#Ck her better and that she had made up her mind that i would not f@#ck her again,” the suspect told a judge.

On the material day, the suspect told justice Stella Mutuku that he had had an argument with huis wife after she failed to explain her whereabouts and why she had not been answering her phone.

“She said she was meeting a friend but did not tell me who the friend was,” Ogunde said.

He said he decided he would take her back to her parents before he slept and found his wife was not lying next to him.

“I went to check her in the toilet, she wasn’t there, she wasn’t in the maids room either,” Ogunde said.

He said when he checked in a separate room they used a a store he found her lying on the floor with a cord around her neck.He also saw shards from a broken bottle, wine glass, a fallen over stool, some blood stains…

Hearing continues.