Police have arrested and presented in court the young lawyer believed to be behind a crafty scam in which fake industrial accident claims are used to skim-off unsuspecting  firms like China Road and Bridge Corporation.

The court was told that when police raided her offices  200 client files, CPUs and  and other items relating to the scam were constipated.

CPL Charles Muthaa an investigator  at China Road ad Bridge Corporation  based at Ranagu Camp in Ongata Rongai told court Kewamboka may be charged with  forgery of judicial documents which occurred on June 18 2018.

The cover was blown when a complainant one Kitei Peter an employee of China Road and Bridge Corporation,a welder, whose name was to be used in one of the schemes denied knowledge of having filed a case against his employer.

He had not had an accident either as claimed by P.K Omwenga and associates.

The court heard that P.K Omwenga and associates  went to the Mavoko law courts and filed a civil case no 881/2018 where by the welder, Kitei, is purported to have been injured and was seeking compensation, that he had been purportedly injured at work on August 6 2014.

Supposed injury

After the matter was filled the court issued summons which were served on China Road and Bridge Corporation

One Veronicah Ouko of human resources at China Road and Bridge Corporation based at Embulbul contacted Kitei to know more about the matter and to her surprise Kitei happened  not to know about the case or the supposed injury he had sustained whie on duty, leading to launching of investigations hence the matter in court.

“The investigations commenced immediately and a police case file in respect to the lawyer was opened.

“So far investigations  have revealed  that the stamp pad and stamp impression that was used to commission the documents that were filed at Mavoko law courts in the name of John Kimathi, commissioner of oaths were not commissioned by John Kimathi himself and that there are several others cases filed by the same racketeer(s) at  Milimani, Mavoko, Ngong law courts against China Road and Bridge Corporation by the same advocate using the same stamp.

She was arrested on November 22 2018.

Kwamboka may be charged with Forego, making a document without authority and forging stamp impressions.