A warrant of arrest has been issued against a student  charged with the murder of United States International University (USIU) student Sarah Akelo Aruwa who was kidnapped in 2012 and her body  later found in Githunguri in a coffee estate after ten days.

Winnie Wairimu Kariuki who was charged with murder alongside Duncan Livingstone has also jumped bail in a Makadara court where she is facing a separate case of  abduction, torture and demanding ransom.

She now has two pending warrants of arrest against her…

Shock waves

The murder case is due in court on December 3 2018  for further directions

Livingstone was a student at USIU while Wairimu studied at Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology when they allegedly committed the offence that sent shock waves across the country owing to meticulous planning and later, grisly slaying of the victim, that had been preceded with demands of ransom.

The later Aruwa was kidnapped outside the USIU compound and moments later her captors called her mother demanding a ransom of KSh100,000.

According to a postmortem report Aruwa’s body was found in a coffee plantation soon after a kidnap ordeal and was strangled to death.

Family members and police officers who saw the body of the fourth-year student said it had decomposed and could hardly be recognised, save for her clothes and other bodily features.

Similar abductions

Before she was killed she was pursuing a degree in International Relations at the university until people believed to be her fellow students and close friends kidnapped her, and started demanding ransom from her parents using her own mobile phone.

But strangely, they gave an ultimatum and soon switched off the woman’s mobile phone, making it difficult to continue the negotiations.

Investigations have since shown that she was kidnapped from Roysambu on June 30 2012 and must have been killed the following day.

“They sent a text message on phone demanding us to send them money within a minute, but I feel by that time Sarah had already been killed. I feel those people just wanted to kill her, because so many people have been kidnapped even for one month and they survive, and for Sarah she was dead in less than 24 hours,” her mother Hellen Aruwa said.

The Flying Squad  said they were investigating an alleged kidnapping ring at the private university after an upsurge of similar abductions.

Duncan and Winnie were lovers at the time the offence was committed.