A prosecution witness has clarified that  the companies linked to the Angloleasing contracts were not ghost companies.

The UK investigator said he was involved in the case when a request for Mutual Legal Assistance(MLA) was sought to investigate the companies.

Clyde Christopher Marklew,  said he was able to collect registration documents of the firms in question and established they existed.

He said he would be “speculating” if he says he found incriminating evidence in the documents.

Among the documents he said he obtained included a memorandum of association, articles of incorporation, share certificates, and resolution of the board of directors.

“Our office agreed to obtain evidence abroad on behalf of Kenya, following a request by the defunct Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission in 2007. KACC had sought to be assisted with any documents in London that could be relevant to the investigations,” the witness testifying in a Westminster court  said via video link.

True copies

He said the request was relating to Anglo leasing security contracts, and KACC wanted information relevant to the inquiry it was conducting.

“The request included obtaining company and banking information, which we did,” Marklew said.

He said that upon collecting the documents sought by KACC, they went through them before forwarding them to Kenya.

The documents were obtained from HSBC Private Bank Plc, Barclays Bank Plc, Syndicate Bank, and PSJ Alexander and Company Accountants, the witness said.

He said they submitted a total of 19 documents to KACC at the end of their investigations, some of which were in copies.

“I confirm that the documents as stated above herein  are true copies of the documents,” the witness said.

Hearing has been adjourned to January 28 2019.