TWO spanner boys or watu wa mkono are wanted in a Nairobi court for perjury.

Rajeev Modi, is accused of  swearing an affidavit filed at the Milimani chief magistrate’s court as a bonafide director of Galot Industries Limited, Manchester Outfitters Ltd and Kingwoolen Mills Ltd seeking to have the case in which Mohan Galot has been charged-CF nO. 276/2018, be thrown out.

Additionally,Pushpinder Singh Mann and Jophece Yogo, police say, falsely acted as directors of Galot Industries Ltd and drew board resolution purporting to authorise Rajeev Modi to act as such.

Adamantly refused

Police launched investigations after receiving a complaint  and contacted the registrar of companies  who issued the CR12 for genuine directorship.

The forged court documents have been retained as exhibits in the case.

Court was told the suspects  have been summoned severally but have adamantly refused to honour the request to submit their response.

According to the DPP,  based on the documents received and reviewed so far, ” there exists a criminal  culpability on the part of the suspects” for the offences of perjury and false swearing.

The warrants are to executed  early Feb 2019 after they failed to honour summons again for statement recording and taking of specimen signatures.

The charge  against  Modi reads that on  March 2 2018 at St George’s  House Parliament Rd, Nairobi county, made an oath in an affidavit dated March 2  2018, sworn in-front of Alice Jonathan Gulenywa a commissioner of oaths  and subsequently filed in the chief magistrate’s court at Nairobi (City Court 1)in criminal case no.276 of 2018 knowing it was false testimony that you were a director of Galot Industries Limited, Manchester Outfitters Ltd and Kingwoolen Mills Ltd.

Company secretary

Modi faces a separate charge of false swearing.

It states that  on march 2 2018 at St George’s  House Parliament Rd. Nairobi,  he falsely made an oath  witnessed by Alice Jonathan Gulenywa in an affidavit in an attempt to have  a case against Mohan Galot withdrawn.

Finally, the three are charged jointly with perjury.

The charge states that on February 26 2018 at London Distillers Kenya (LDK)House Dunga Rd, Nairobi, convened a meeting purportedly  as directors and company secretary of Galot Industrious and nominated Rajeev Modi so as to aid him swear an affidavit for purposes of withdrawing criminal case no 276 of 2018 which is currently at the chief magistrates court.