A pilot accused of defiling his eight year old step-daughter has been denied cash bail.

The child, police say, later attempted suicide by jumping out of a high rise window because of trauma.

Principal Magistrate Kenneth Cheruiyot ruled that Ledama Ole Sultan will remain in custody until the victim testifies in the case.

Ole Sultan is accused of defiling his step daughter on  September 30 2018 at South C in Nairobi.

Scared of him

Through an affidavit sworn by DCI Child Protection Unit inspector Everlyne Mboya, the prosecution objected his release on bail on grounds that he would interfere with the case.

The child’s mother has refused to accept that her daughter  was defiled, the court heard and is colluding with the husband.

Detectives managed to film her communication in coded language to child during a session at a children’s court where she is battling the custody of the child who has since been placed under care at St Barnados Children Home.

“It has taken three months of counseling to get the child to disclose the perpetrator,” police say in an affidavit.

During investigations, the victim revealed that the step-father is a violent man who beats her and her mother and that she is very scared of him…