INVESTIGATORS are holding a suspected  manufacturer of banned  polythene bags arrested in Nairobi’s Indo area.

They asked a court and were granted to detain Sharif at the Parklands police station for three days.

The court heard the offence was “discovered”  being committed on January 28 2019 along Alizeti Crescent off Road A in Industrial area  at a factory where “patrons fled.”

Toothless bulldog NEMA agents, the court was told stormed Sharif’s hideout and seized samples from the scene but are yet to provide a conclusive report.

Sharif was arrested on January 30 2019 at Pangani, Nairobi, the court heard.

“Investigations are yet to be completed thus praying the respondent  be detained to facilitate completion of investigations with an aim of establishing his status and the proper charges to prefer,” police constable Muriithi  Murere told the court.

No fixed residence

The court was told releasing the suspect  may jeopardise investigations as he has no fixed residence as he is a refugee.

Sharif, during arrest,the court was told was found with  a Refugee Identity Card No. 10131211 issued on August 17 2018.

Police suspect the id card to be fake!