YET another forensic examiner has laid bare the intricacies that led to the prosecution of the Angloleasing cases.

George Makembo has told a trial court in Nairobi that the case(s) was an offshoot of public pressure, that there was a public outcry that perhaps  needed to be appeased by dragging the matter to court.

The court heard that the NARC  government that had just come into power when the Info-talent contract was signed caved under pressure and cancelled the contract.

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Former president Mwai Kibaki put me under pressure to get answers, Githongo tells court

Further, the witness said funds that had been paid were returned to the government after the cancellation of the contract.

Long overdue

He said there was apprehension that the companies would sue  the government for the cancelled contracts and that he played a part in establishing if the contracts were genuine.

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John Githongo: Anglo-leasing investigations based on heresy, says he is aware Kenya lost cases in UK courts against companies in dispute

Makembo said EACC investigated and made recommendations to the Attorney General who in turn returned the files on grounds that the prosecution was clutching on a weak case unless gaps he had identified  were fully covered.

The witness said the former police commissioner Edwin Nyaseda had consented that  the proposed  security model for modernisation operations was long overdue.

“He had agreed with the security model proposed in the Anglo leasing contract in 2002 and  that it would help police reign in rampant crime in the country,” the witness said.

Hearing continues in April 2019.