A DETECTIVE involved in investigating the murder of  Venezuelan ambassador in Kenya, Olga Fonseca, has faulted the way investigations were carried out after she was found strangled in her bed in Nairobi in 2012.

Lucas Juma told justice Roslyn Korir there was a disconnect and perhaps there was a deliberate cause,as there was “no serious interest in hunting down” a key suspect, a Mohammed Hassan  who remains underground to date.

” We raised issues…but unfortunately they fell on deaf ears,” the detective told the trial court on oath.

He said the investigation team was fumbling in the dark and did not share Intel!

“The exercise to my knowledge was not properly coordinated, I would be lying to say I know why some of the accused persons are in in court, I was not in the picture when and why they were arrested,” the police officer said referring to three suspects linked to the murder.

He said witnesses he interviewed adversely mentioned Mohammed but tracing him hit a snag.

The suspect, the court heard, slipped through a dragnet at Nairobi West after his mobile phone police were tracking went off.

Judge Korir asked the witness if in his opinion he saw that there was no serious interest in hunting Mohammed down and he answered in the affirmative.

Conducting business

The witnesses said  a case of such magnitude required more of the investigating team than what they gave.

“In a normal setting those who collect Intel would meet with arresting officers to compare notes but in this case the people handling the file were not in the know of the process that what was going on,” he said.

He said from the witnesses he interviewed, the evidence pointed towards Dwight Sagaray , a diplomat stripped of his immunity and his friend Mohammed who despite not being an employee had assumed surmountable power at the embassy.“Dwight Sagaray allowed Mohammed access but was not allowed by the government of Venezuela in any acting capacity,” the witness said.

The court heard Mohammed had been transacting various businesses at the embassy including giving staff instructions on what to do and what not to.

“It was clear from the onset that Mohammed and Dwight were conducting business that was not clear at the embassy,’ Juma said.

He added that considering the manner in which the late Olga was murdered the two were subjects of interest.

“We tried to trace Mohammed on his mobile phone but the number apparently went off,” Juma said.

This Mohammed, the court heard, had become very powerful at the Embassy.

Attempted rape

The judge asked the witness if investigations, according to him fell short of the required standards and he said to some extent,”yes.”

Dwight Sagaray, who was the Venezuelan embassy’s first secretary has been charged alongside four Kenyans with the murder.

Olga Fonseca was found strangled to death at her official residence in Nairobi on 27 July 2012.

Fonseca, 57, had started her new role in Nairobi on 15 July 2012.

The motive for her killing is unclear although a lawyer said she had compelled male worker’s to drop accusations of attempted rape by the former ambassador of face the sack.

They had accused her predecessor, Gerardo Carrillo Silva, of demanding sexual favours from them.

The night Olga was killed there had been a party at her residence.

Hearing continues.