A business operating as a humanitarian organisation providing medical services to the poor is embroiled in a commercial dispute with a travel company that booked air flights for its operatives amounting into a debt  Ksh4 million in less than a month.

The services, now suspended, were rendered to Hawi Foundation  between  October 2018 and November 2018.

This means  in  less than a month the said operatives had flown in and out for a whooping Ksh4 million. Remember, this is a humanitarian organisation that prides in offering medical services…to the poor, but gobbles up Ksh4 million on travels alone in a month!

The NGO and its directors  have refused to make an appearance of file its defence in court despite being served with a notice and subsequent correspondence.

There are apprehensions that Hawi Foundation wants to relocate and the trial court has been asked to clamp its properties until it clears the debt.

Services rendered

The applicant has sought an injunction against HAWI FOUNDATION restraining it from  disposing or removing any of their assets from their Kangundo Rd HAWI SUITs Plot 4 offices in Nairobi.

Travel Africa entered an agreement with Hawi Foundation on September 11 2018  for provision of credit facility and  booking of air tickets.

“The said agreement required that payments for every service or credit extended in a month  to be paid the first week of the subsequent month<‘ the plaintiff states.

HAWI FOUNDATION has, despite numerous demands to pay, ignored, refused or neglected  to remit causing a lot of inconvenience to the business and it is only fair that it be  compelled to pay the said amount for the services rendered.

In the agreement, the NGO had promised to that it would be clearing the credit facility  within the first week  of the subsequent month.

The plaintiff prays for  an order of liquidated damages pf Ksh4 million plus interest at commercial rates as from September 11 2019, general damages for inconvenience caused and costs of the suit.judgement against HAWI Foundation for liquidated .