By OUR Reporter

THE DCI boss George Kinoti has been asked to investigate one of his officers who is alleged to be involved in corrupt activities using names of senior officers.

According to reports, the culprit is one Corporal Polycarp Magai  who is sensationally accused of invoking the names of the who-is-who, the top brass, at the directorate as he demands bribes from people he`s investigating in order to write them favorable  reports.

Already a woman from Nakuru county has written to Kinoti complaining that Corporal Magai scooped some Ksh2 Million from her “in order to write for her a favorable report in a case he was investigating where the woman had sold a particular land to a different person but later on ensured that she was arrested, arraigned in court and later on asked another Ksh5 million to doctor the report again,” the later dated April 29 2019 reads.

“In 2017 my company entered into an agreement with somebody else to sell land on her behalf and after a search it was established that the vendor (customer)  was the actually owner of the land and after a while Corporal Magai contacted me saying that he was investigating the legality of the grant held by the vendor over the property,” said the woman whom we cannot name for security reasons.

Further milking

She adds that Corporal Magai, an apparent further milking, further informed her that he was also investigating the legality of the grant in respect of the other land owned by her in Nakuru county .

The woman further claims that in April this year the officer contacted her and informed her that investigations in respect o one of the land parcels had been concluded and that he would prepare a favorable report in the event that he gives him a kickback of KSh5 Million.

“On April 05  2019 I gave him Ksh2 Million through his proxies and I can divulge details if I am required to do so,” part of the woman’s letter to Kinoti reads.

The woman wonders that after dishing out the kickback to the officer he arrested her claiming that the arrest was beyond him as he was acting at the behest of the boss, Kinoti, and was charged at the court for land fraud.

“I call upon the DCI boss to investigate Corporal Magai as he reneged on his promise and take disciplinary action against him,” added the complainant.

The woman  who says that she has received death threats from Corporal Magai claims in her letter to Kinoti  that upon being charged in a Nakuru court on April 10 2019 and released on  a cash bail of Ks300,000 the officer  further indicated to her that he was on the verge of concluding investigations in respect to the second land and he would prepare an adverse report unless she remits yet again KSh5 million bribe.

The complainant who says that she has witnesses to back up her  allegations whenever called upon at the DCI or in court is  asking the DCI boss to compel the officer to return the money she took from her as she didn’t assist her with anything.