THE woman who had been convicted for the murder of her husband over property, Leonard Kibinge Kiruri, on  April 15 2014 at Gitaru Village in Kikuyu on the outskirts of Nairobi city has been acquitted after appealing the sentence.

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US based businesswoman Sheila Kibinge who shot husband dead in car to hang for murder

Court of appeal judges ruled that she had been nailed on circumstantial evidence meaning the investigation was “inconclusive whether she actually was the one who pulled the trigger on the fateful night,” or the possibility of a separate hand at the scene of crime.

Another shooter

Wanjiku has maintains her innocent stating that after she arrived from the US and after being picked by her husband at Ambassador Hotel she had fallen asleep from the city centre to Kikuyu when she awoke and found her husband had stopped the car and was in argument with two men before she heard a loud bag and was thrown out of the car.

The appeal court held that there could have been another shooter!

Indeed, the court argued, that he conduct of going to Kikuyu police station after being called was not that of a guilty mind and ruled that there was insufficient evidence to warrant a conviction.