THE Director of Public Prosecution needs more time to pile evidence against businessman Humphrey Kariuki  and others in a tax demand case eight months after the investigations  started.

Assistant director of  Public Prosecutions Vincent Monda as the trial court  for 2i days to enable  the put together the documentation , he aid was largely invoices.

He however confirmed 27 witness statements  and 23 documentary exhibits “had been served.”

Lawyers Kioko Kilukumi and  Cecil Miller for businessman Kariuki said they had received part of the documents as late as September 4 2019 and the 23 exhibits.

Monda told the court the documentation was voluminous  and include 10 box files of invoices.

Mention date

He admitted there are more documents to be supplied to the defence team.

Monda asked the court to grant 21 days for all three files to be  mentioned on September 26 2019 for full compliance regarding disclosure.

Defence lawyers said the documents should be ready on or before September 20 2019 and not on the mention date.

The trial court has directed the prosecution to comply and return to court ready to take hearing dates.

The prosecutor said some witness will be cutting across the three case files but promised full compliance by the due date.

He was also directed to present a signed inventory by the entire defence team.