IT’s now two years, and still counting, since the late Edwin Kigen’s  body was found in the morning of February 18 2017 in what had the hall marks of a homicide but no arrest have been made to date.

Police who visited the scene to collect the body concluded that it was suicide.

The scene of his death however appeared to have been tampered with and despite this, no fingerprints were lifted from the scene by the police.

According to the late Kigen’s family who demanded a second autopsy and involved the services of a private investigator, “key evidence was either deliberately omitted or destroyed,” and for starts, the clothes the deceased wore were burnt at the mortuary before investigations were conducted.

There are still apprehension that police officers may have been privy to this murder.

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Lawyer says police officers may have killed UoN student before dragging body to a spot

CCTV imagery that was viewed by residents of Central park court before it was tampered with observed that the late Kigen could be seen talking to the watchmen at Agape court, Okoth and Munyaka at the gate and they later ushered him in. he was found dead here in the morning.

Both watchmen however denied having ushered in the deceased through the main gate, they claimed he used the rear entrance and that they only saw him after they found his lifeless body.

The police claim not to have found his phone on him.

Further directions

Despite this no efforts have been made to recover it yet they have completed the inquest file which they forwarded to the DPP for further directions.

Why have the two former Geodax security guards not been arrested to date? Incidentally they no longer work for the firm and left immediately after the incident.Why?

In the CCTV footage viewed by one of the guards is seen calling a guard from the neighbouring court shortly after 3.00am after the deceased walked into Agape Court. The guard who was called is the seen walking out holding his head. What did he see?

The police viewed the footage before it was interfered with, yet no arrests have been made despite the contradicting statements of the guards from what was on the CCTV footage.

Why was the CCTv footage tampered with, was somebody trying to cover up a crime?

Postmortem report

The first postmortem was disputed as being unrealistic and the family arranged for a second one by a private doctor but in his presence the chief government pathologist and two police officers, inspector Florence and Corporal Ndungu.

The findings were at variance with the former.

There was no evidence of a fall from great height that may have caused Kigen’s death.

The deceased had no broken limbs which is characteristic with a fall. Her only had six broken ribs on the right side believed to have been caused by boots, like the ones cops or guards wear.

There was no spinal injury. “It was intact from the neck to the lower part of his torso,” the second autopsy report in our possession indicates.

The cable marks on the deceased’s body were all post postmortem-meaning he was tied up after his death.

When the body of the deceased was cut open, a very strong smell of alcohol filled the room, meaning he was drunk, heavily, and therefore while he was being assaulted the amount of resistance was  minimal or none at all.

The intestines and stomach was intact, had he fallen from a height, the roof of the said building actually as the watchmen and police would want you and I  to believe,12.35 metres high, they would  rapture.

What the second autopsy also revealed was that the late Kigen hada badly damaged skull.

According to the doctors the skull was cracked open by a blow to the head which occasioned several broken pieces.

Clear face

The late Kigen, according to the doctors, had a clear face, no injuries which means the killer(s) concentrated on the skull.

“He had cracked ribs, ruptured his right side of the liver, spleen and kidney al on the right side of the body, there was heavy bleeding from the mouth, nose, right ear due to the impact of the blow to the skull, the body appeared to have been dragged on a hard surface like a concrete floor, such as the one at Agape where the body was found lifeless,” a report signed by re-known pathologist Prof Rogena  the reads.

It adds:The body had many back and lower limb injuries, bit it was clean.

The hands were marked by canine teeth bite(dog bites) on the fingers on both hands.

It is likely he was trying to resist a dog attack but was overcome by it, none of the guards had security dogs that night.

Despite all these findings and in the presence of both police officers, their approach to the course of the case has remained unchanged.