JusticeNow.co.ke is a website dedicated to covering the criminal justice system in Kenyan courts.

Staffed by working journalists, it is published daily through the year and coverage includes investigative reports, analysis, blogs  and commentary by leading criminologists, practitioners, law enforcement, correction professionals, and legal experts; and daily summaries of the most important  news, issues and developments in the justice system.

JusticeNow.co.ke is dedicated to providing an independent, non-partisan marketplace of news and ideas for those who want more than the daily diet of tabloid headlines and political rhetoric.

The site will also feature a regularly updated calendar of events in the criminal justice field.

Why the legal system?

We believe that society’s confidence in the legal system depends upon people being informed about what is going on and we make it our job.

It is a vital principle that justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.

We believe, we have an important part to play in publicizing the workings of the police and courts so that society knows what happens to law breakers.

This is a vital role which we undertake responsibly.


Justicenow.co.ke is proud to provide internships for up-and-coming journalists, journalism students and aspiring criminal justice reporters.

For information about how to apply, please contact the Executive Editor, Vincent Roy, 254 720 021 540 Email: vincent.roy@justicenow.co.ke

Our goal is to improve the quality and accuracy of news reporting on crime, law enforcement and the judicial system.